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digital magazine feature: true online viewing

True Online Viewing

DMT utilizes true interactive online viewing. Our digital presentation is a true real time experience; no files are downloaded to your viewer's computers and no plug in software is required. This means a greater number of viewers will interact with your publication because they will not be afraid of intrusive downloads. A greater number of viewers mean a greater value for your advertisers.

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digital magazine feature: 3d pages

3D Pages

DMT brings your publication to life! It gives your readers the interactive experience of flipping through your 3D publication at their own pace in a format that is comfortable and entertaining.

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digital magazine feature: past issue browser

Issue Browser

Archive all of your past issues by uploading them to DMT and allow readers to view them with our easy to use Issue Browser. Each archived issue has all the features of your current live issue. That means your ads still link to your advertisers websites bringing them ongoing traffic.

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digital magazine feature: search


DMT Search is fast, accurate and powerful. Simply by typing keywords into the DMT Search box your readers can go quickly to the content they are looking for. DMT Search is so powerful that it allows readers to search through all of your past issues without leaving the current search box.

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digital magazine feature: page navigation

Page Navigation

We want the viewer's experience to be as easy and as enjoyable as possible. To help achieve this, we utilize several different methods your viewers can use to navigate through your publication. DMT offers viewers first page, next page, previous page, auto page, numeric page and thumbnail image navigation for ease of use and direct navigation.

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digital magazine feature: page zoom

Page Zoom

With DMT, every page is easy to read. With a simple click, page zooming allows your readers to adjust the magnification of any page so they can do a fast scan of the page or enlarge the page for a more comfortable reading experience. DMT was designed with the reader in mind; it makes the online reading experience very easy and enjoyable.

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digital magazine feature: visual publication contents or thumbnails

Visual Publication Contents

DMT provides thumbnails of all your publications pages for readers to quickly scan the entire magazine and choose articles or vendors of primary interest. DMT makes your publication web friendly, which adds to reader loyalty.

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digital magazine feature: link locators and advertisers links

Link Locators and Advertisers Links

This DMT application not only adds interactive links to the pages of your publication but also shows your readers where links are located on any given page. With our Link Locator program, links on every page (including video and audio) are motion activated and highlighted for location. This adds power to the reader interaction of your publication and can greatly increases link usage, which in turn can generate greater revenues for your company. This is a great feature to add additional value for the advertisers in your publication.

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digital magazine feature: tab bars

Tab Bars

DMT offers side tab bars as an additional method of navigating your publication. You can easily generate additional revenues by offering "Featured" tabs for those advertisers who wish to maintain a constant presence throughout your publication. Tab bars are an easy and effective way for your readers to navigate through Contents, Pages, and Featured Advertisers sections of your publication.

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digital magazine feature: page view options

Page View Options

With the option of magazine, single page or full screen viewing options your readers are able to individualize their own reading experience. Whether browsing your publication in the magazine mode or zooming for full screen, the easy access options create a more enjoyable experience for your readers.

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digital magazine feature: interactive table of contents

Interactive Table Of Contents

DMT gives your table of contents a live action connection. Your readers can quickly navigate thru your online publication by simply clicking on one of the subjects in your publications table of contents and they are automatically taken to that article for their review. It has never been easier for a reader to read and follow an article of interest!

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digital magazine feature: audio and video enhancements

Audio And Video Enhancements

With DMT, online pages can be turned into interactive showpieces. Each page can host multiple audio and/or video links, which can turn advertisers pages into multi-media presentations. Imagine the possibilities when adding sound and motion to revenue generating ad pages. Your DMT publication can become much more than an online publication, it can become a stand-alone profit generating asset. Call us today and let us discuss some of the many ideas you can have working for you and your advertisers through our audio and video enhancements.

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digital magazine feature: pop-ups


With DMT Pop-Ups you don't have to worry about pop up blockers because they come from inside DMT, not the reader's browser. So you can be sure that vital information will be given to the user. Subscription reminders, additional ads, or forms are a few ways DMT Pop-ups can be utilized to enhance your publication.

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digital magazine feature: data and technical support

Data and Technical Support

Whether you need email delivery programming, tracking of sessions and offsite links, integrated reporting of sessions and page views, surveys of reader feedback or advertising preferences, DMT can provide your company with the information you need to follow the success of your online publication. We can also provide BPA audit information as needed such as log files, including undelivered emails/bounce-backs, and any other pertinent information required for BPA digital audit verification. We pride ourselves on offering the best technical support in the industry with no exception.

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digital magazine feature: favorites


If a reader finds an article or page they want to remember they can add it to their DMT Favorites. When they come back to the magazine later, they can go to favorites and find the pages and articles they have saved. These favorites will remain even if they wait days before returning to your publication.

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digital magazine feature: reader generated traffic

Reader Generated Traffic

The DMT "Send to a Friend" feature allows your readers to send a message and/or the location of a specific article, ad or item of interest within your publication to a friend. Readers view something of interest and with a few clicks they can send the location of the content to a friend who then can click to review the information within your publication. This can really extend your readership, increase digital subscriptions and generate additional revenues.

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digital magazine feature: free dedicated hosting

Free Dedicated Hosting

You never need to worry about hosting issues concerning your online publication; we provide free dedicated hosting and technical support. If you are integrating your publication into your existing site or you simple need a link for an email program, DMT provides you with all the tools to make your publication as successful as possible.

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digital magazine feature: printing options

Printing Options

DMT allows your readers to print directly from the magazine. They can choose the current page, a page from their favorites, a custom range of pages, an entire article, or the entire publication.

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digital magazine feature: the help feature

The Help Feature

Help walks the user through each function and feature of DMT. Using video and simple written explanations even readers with little experience online should have no problem using DMT. DMT Help covers topics such as using Zoom, Search, Previous and Next Buttons, the Issue Browser, Side Tabs and much more.

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