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DMT Benefits

  1. No Additional Work or Cost
  2. Extend The Reach of Your Publication
  3. Add Exciting Interactive Features
  4. Save Money
  5. Increase Revenues
digital magazine benefit: no additional work or cost

Using DMT technology your publication can be online, interactive and reaching out to your audience within a very short time frame. Your current staff can handle everything needed to get your publication interactive on the World Wide Web. Simply upload or send us the same PDF files that are used by the printer to produce your publication. By using these files we match your online publication with your printed publication at no additional publication production cost. We take care of everything else. It's never been easier to reach the millions of people who use the Internet daily for information, resources, news, and so much more!

digital magazine benefit: extend the reach of your publication

By placing your publication online in an interactive, easy to read format you can reach readers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from all over the world. With the ability to reach so many readers so fast, you can increase print subscriptions as well as digital subscriptions. Increased viewers means increased revenues for your publication.

digital magazine benefit: add exciting interactive features

DMT allows you to provide live links to your customer's websites from your publication pages. A reader can view an ad and immediately visit the advertiser's website. Audio and video clips can also be added to greatly enhance the reader's experience. Your publication becomes interactive, which will improve readership and achieve greater results for your advertisers. We have the insight to help get you started with your own online interactive publication, call us today and let us bring your publication to life!

digital magazine benefit: save money

The low cost of utilizing our DMT application can result in bottom line savings for your publication. Things such as back issue printing, distribution, subscription renewals and marketing materials are all areas where DMT can make a big difference. Let one of our sales reps explain how we can help you make a profitable difference with DMT.

digital magazine benefit: increase revenues

By adding features to your DMT pages you can turn your online publication into a powerful revenue stream. Featured contents, links to products or advertisers' sites, audio, video clips and special bookmaking can all be sold to your existing customer base as enhancements to your online version. We can design a sales plan to help your advertising reps maximize your online presence. Call us today and let's get started!

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